October Tide - Tunnel Of No Light -CD


What we have here is a true display of sadness, depression, grief, loneliness and misanthropy, and I completely love it!!! October Tide has unleashed a new monster upon the doom metal horizons and we should bow down in total respect!

This album is a slow tempo record (due to the genre of course) but it has the same power of destruction that many other bands that play other styles of extreme metal (black metal or death metal for instance). The heaviness is here and the angst is also here. The Norrman brothers have return after a long absence since leaving Katatonia in late 2009 and I’m really digging this formula that they are using in October Tide. The previous record A Thin Shell was obviously October Tide’s come-back after a long silence that lasted more than a decade. It was a good record, sure, but not as strong as this piece of dark art here. Tobias Netzell is a great vocalist and he did a great job in A Thin Shell, the problem was that the leads and the main riffage of the album was not as complete and melancholic as the one that is presented in this new record.

Almost three years after the release of A Thin Shell, October Tide give us their best effort to date: Tunnel Of No Light.

This record is style-wise similar to the previous efforts, October Tide is not breaking any new ground and they are not reinventing the wheel on this one. The band is sticking to their well-known formula with great success. The heavy riffs are here, the moments of sheer brutality and melancholy are here, the groove is here and the vocals, HOLY SH*T!

Alexander Hogbom is an incredible extreme metal vocalist. I can only think of Jorgen Sandstrom (The Project Hate, Torture Division) as a comparison and that’s some serious thing because Jorgen is one of the most brutal, clear and competent death metal vocalists for me (not counting pig squeals and other –core stuff here). The duo of Alexander’s vocals and the leads and rhythm guitars of Fred Norrman is working amazingly good here! Tracks like the Opening Of Wounds to Come or Caught in Silence serve as great examples of what the band is achieving in this record.

There’s nothing new to report on the drums and bass here since they are played to fit the band’s style and this was excellent since the previous record so I’m skipping those parts. What we get here is doom-like instrumentation.

The last highlight or the record are the lyrics. None of the band members wrote any line of them which is kind of weird (although Decapitated did this same thing for their last album) the lyrics here are written by outsiders (I guess some friends of the Norrman brothers) and ex-band member Jonas Renske. The lyrics are beautiful, full of depression, hatred and with some misanthropic sense and written in an almost poetical way.

I definitely recommend this record to any October Tide fans, and to fans of doom metal and depressive black metal as well. This was a very enjoyable ride form me.