October Tide - Grey Dawn LP (Black vinyl) & CD


This album really delivers the goods, the follow up to the impressive Rain Wihout End, its even better, which is something hard to believe. Vocally the album delivers a much better performance by Mårten Hansen (Jonas Renske stepped down on this album, as it seems he couldnt do the blackish vocals anymore). Speaking of Jonas, he proves he has evolved to be a much better drummer considering some of his past work (Dance of December Souls, Brave Murder Day from Katatonia both) and well the guitar work, by Fredrik and Jonas is very melodic, very depressing, and at times very doomy. Production wise its also better than Rain Without End. The vocals are very understandable (considering is a sort of black metal vocal). My only complaint its the album is too short, but this means you will be coming back for more, which is always good. The songs simply follow this structure of Verse, Chorus, Verse so if you get turned off by that, you should maybe try to listen to some old katatonia instead which is much much more original. But considering there isnt that much amount of Death/Doom around this album really shines through... For fans of Katatonia, old Opeth and even some Old Anathema.