Obscure Infinity - Into The Vortex Of Obscurity CD


For a band named after a Grave song, I was expecting Obscure Infinity to be another Swedish death metal snorefest. But, like I say in every one of my other reviews, I was wrong! Obscure Infinity’s new album is an old school revival with technical twists. It actually reminds me a lot of Monstrosity.

If I were to put any label on this, it would be close to melodic death metal. Each song has some level of melody, and it’s usually present throughout the entire song. There is also a good deal of technicality spread throughout the tracks. This is mainly expressed through the dual guitar attack that also serves as the mediator between melodic and boring.

That being said, this album covers aspects of death metal without completely adhering to them. This is why it reminds me of Monstrosity. I can hardly ever pin them on a specific genre because they’re either playing normal death metal or technical death metal. Likewise, Obscure Infinity is either playing melodic death metal or just death metal and sometimes technical death metal without being just one genre. They are usually two of these genres simultaneously.