Obscure - Darkness Must Prevail CD


Obscure is probably the most apt description of where the greater Spanish extreme metal evolution was at back in 1988 when as different brand of morbid thrashers set out to create the sort of brutal music that’d infected niches across the rest of Europe and North America beyond the mid-80’s. Obscure were undoubtedly one of the earliest death metal bands formed within Spain having been founded in Valencia circa 1988 while playing a darker style of thrash that hadn’t yet mastered the art of the ‘evil riff’ by 1989 when their first demo tape ‘Disgusting Reality‘ (1989) hit. Though I’d give the earliest Spanish ‘extreme’ metal demo tape award to their Andalusian neighbors in Necrophiliac (see: ‘Endless Death‘, 1988) but to be fair thrash metal was still in the process of spreading its brutal ripples across the country and few bands could keep up with the tempo of late 80’s death metal, often resorting to pitch-shifted vocals and programmed drums for an extreme sound. Obscure hadn’t truly arrived to dig up the dead until 1990 when their ‘Curse the Course‘ demo hit amidst the incredible explosion of death metal across Spain that same year.