OBLIVEON - Cybervoid LP (Black Vinyl)

OBLIVEON - Cybervoid LP (Black Vinyl)

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Technnical, aggressive, heavy. Just a few of the elements that make this album a must for all respected thrash fans out there.

It is not a thrash album per se, since it is not a full speed attack or a zillion-riff-per-song- festival, but most of the songs have a great groove and excellent hooks to keep you interested.

The musicianship displayed here is top-notch. Everything is perfectly executed. The production is clear and it adds certain taste to the whole "technological" atmosphere of the album. The riffs are different from one another and they are not based on regular rythm patterns, but on a harmonic game between the guitars and the bass guitar. Very interesting.

Songs like "Biomechanique" (which is the only one sung in french) are a perfect example of the groovy, mid-paced thrash phase of the album, while "Cybervoid" or "Subgod" show more aggressive vocals and music.

Obliveon has added some good aspects to their music since Nemesis, their second album, which, IMHO, lacks variation. "Cybervoid" shows a mature band, with excellent writing skills and interesting structured songs that build a really tight sounding album.

Sadly, the band is no more. And shame on us for not giving Obliveon all the attention and respect they indeed deserved!