Obliteration - Black Death Horizon CD


Norwegians Obliteration come with quite the underground reputation these days following recommendations from a few noteworthy figures in the scene and by luck of residence in Kolbotn, a town put on the metal map by one Darkthrone, as well as their shared membership with the equally hyped Nekromantheon. As I commented in the review of their "Rise, Vulcan Spectre" last year, the music of these two bands is so unequivocally borne from a bunch of metal obsessives as to put much else currently being released today to shame (I might add the two bands do share members). It may not be the tidiest or best-written album of the year, but it simply oozes fire, passion and commitment; facets which alone make the album worthy of recommendation to any death metal fan worth their salt. For all DM's predilection for clinical speed and brutality, nothing quite sounds the real deal as does a dirty, unpleasant album devoid of triggers and over-production.