Obituary ‎– Inked In Blood - 2-LP


The strongest aspect of Inked in Blood by far is the production. There is no question in my mind this is the best production they've had since the 1990s. Inked in Blood has a dynamic production in the sense that the riffs are vicious and violent, but the bass and drums sound very warm, full and organic. This adds a depth to the production that has been missing on previous albums such as Darkest Day and Xecutioner's Return. The productions of those albums sounded flat and lifeless, especially Xecutioner's Return. Not the case here though on Inked in Blood, as the overall sound of the album is diverse, with the gooey bass and drums contrasting with the bloodsoaked, violent, reverberating guitar riffs. The production reminds me of a mix between Back from the Dead and Darkest Day, with a touch of The End Complete, due to the gooey, bassy low-end, but with the violent distortion of Back from the Dead overtop in the guitar riffs and vocals. I feel Inked in Blood took the best of the production techniques of the previous mentioned albums and bash-mashed them into something truly great production wise. Inked in Blood sounds like it could have come straight out of the 1990s—a very good thing in my book.