NUCLEAR DEATH - A Symphony Of Nuclear Death Box Set 6-MC
Nuclear Death

NUCLEAR DEATH - A Symphony Of Nuclear Death Box Set 6-MC

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Extended version released on Jan 5 2020
-6x tapes
-40 page booklet
-4x post cards
-2x posters
-woven patch
-guitar pick

Nuclear Death were an extremely interesting and bizarre early death metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. Their style borrowed from grindcore and other super fast genres of the time often dubbed as 'speedcore', 'fastcore', 'thrashcore', etc. Needless to say this stuff was played at breakneck speeds. But don't let that fool you into thinking this is some run of the mill death/grind that's fun for a few minutes for being brutal and fast but wears thin after about 10-20 minutes. Nuclear Death had an strange, dissonant, intense and challenging style that endured through three legendary albums.

Between 1986 and 1989 Nuclear Death released several demos, ultimately resulting in them being signed to the California based cult underground death metal label Wild Rags Records. In a 26 hour recording session they churned out what would be one of the most disgusting and dissonant releases ever seen in death metal: Bride of Insect. Nuclear Death's debut basically serves as a culmination of their efforts over four years of demos, combining death metal, grindcore and thrash metal elements into a super fast sickening stew tinged with the sludgy dissonance and strange songwriting that made a name for them in the underground metal scene.

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