Novembre - The Blue CD


This album really is to me, the definition of "perfection" A must have for people who enjoy the emotional, melodic side of metal the most. If your aim is to seduce a metalhead woman, then this is your ticket in. Get it. Get it now.

The Blue is Italian gothic/doom metal band Novembre's last release since 2007, which is a bloody shame, as it's very close to their best (Materia for me) In this release, Novembre will try something that they've never done before, and that's remove majority of the progressive tendencies that they were well known for and are intead vying for a verse/chorus approach. Oddly enough, this doesn't simplify the music at all. I guess it's because there are too many shred solos, acoustic passages, and sweet strings to really look at this album as "basic" or "simple" For the first time since Classica, the death metal esque passages are back and in full force, with Carmelo bringing forth harsh vocals that will practically rip the emotions from out of you, expelling them in a wave of sapphire sensations.