Noisem - Cease To Exist LP (Grey/White/Gold vinyl)


When allegiances become day-to-day obsession men rise from learned intelligence into the worst of their primal, shit-hurling, ingrained instincts. Constant feigned but seemingly violent grandstanding fuels the most dangerous among us, the fool who’d spend their short oxygen thieving existence on Earth as ‘actors’ among civilizations devoid of critical thought in service to their own survival. The ivory tower of the opportunistic sociopath gleams with such a blinding light today that the rest of us burn afire like too-densely packed Reds; Some set blaze to the apparatus with reckless abandon for the fallout and others fume uselessly, spreading cancer among their own. Baltimore grind-thrashers Noisem approach the chewed-raw psyche of our globally uncivil times with fists clenched and appropriately divisive, immediate confrontation: Will you stand against the unjust decimation of humanity or curl up and die in the hellfire egocentrism creates? ‘Cease to Exist’ is a lean rifle-blasted bark of empathy under duress of nihilism and a fine slashing of the gristle from a band we all knew capable of dethroning the old gods of grindcore.