Noisear ‎– Subvert The Dominant Paradigm -CD


Grindcore is generally broken up into two groups, even when it comes to the respective sub genres like deathgrind and goregrind; tech/wank and nontech/wank. On one side we have those who still follow the creed of early Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Terrorizer: no fluff, no bullshit, all speed. Unabashedly influenced by crust punk and old school is the only school ideology, bands like Wormrot and Insect Warfare and too busy chewing at the flesh of false grind to worry about time signatures or other bullshit like that. On the other side, we have the false faggot grind, with musicians who could play free form jazz on a side gig and love fucking with tradition. Modern acts like Fuck the Facts, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire and Sulaco treat grind like a math problem and use the ghost of Discordance Axis as their calculator. For the uninitiated, grindcore can be a damn confusing genre and figuring out what even counts as "grind" or "false grind" can be nearly impossible.

My advice? Let Noisear define it for you instead.

Subvert the Dominate Paradigm is perhaps the most appropriately named album in history, for that is exactly what this album accomplishes. Noisear take both the crust and the wank and slammed them together, heating and melting them into a molten pile of formless carbon, then reshapes the new element into something sharper, uglier and more brutal than ever.Subvert the Dominate Paradigm builds from a foundation of old school inspired grindcore and adds layers of dissonant technical flourishes on top to build a truly profane structure. It isn't just impressive. It's one of a kind.