Nocturnus - The Science Of Horror LP (Black vinyl)


Now here’s a treat for those who enjoyed The Key but hated certain aspects of the production. I think you know what I’m talking about – the synthesizer sounds were occasionally chosen in a bizarre fashion, and the thin Morrisound style of guitar recording left something to hope for as well. To use a mildly accurate analogy: if the first full-length was something like Beneath the Remains soundwise, then these two demos are the pummelling chaotic mess of Bestial Devastation and Schizophrenia – the latter featuring properly mixed horror choir sounds instead of loud “space harpsichords” à la The Key. There’s a fitting amount of Evil Reverb™ in the soundscape, and to my great enjoyment, the demo guitar sports a fuller sound that could be defined as something between Severed SurvivalHell Awaits, and the aforementioned Schizophrenia. Although things get muddy during the most frenetic passages (Browning never owned a drum kit that is suitable for recording), I find this collection a richer and more rewarding listening experience than the dry-humped debut album.