Nocturnus AD - Paradox 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Resurrected from the ashes of influential death metal band NOCTURNUS, NOCTURNUS AD was initiated by founding mastermind/death metal legend Mike Browning (also co-founder of MORBID ANGEL). His intention? To continue the path laid down 28 years earlier, by the legendary Florida death metal band's seminal 1990 full-length "The Key", an album recognized as one of the most important death metal albums of all time.

NOCTURNUS AD's "Paradox" is the direct and proper follow-up to "The Key", both musically and thematically where the story and themes vocalist/drummer Browning initially laid out continue through the lens of the occult. "Paradox"'s story follows the journey of Dr. Allen William Magus (a.k.a. Dr. Magus), a scientist ravaged by a war plague disease and kept alive by creating a bio suit; the aftermath of the events revealed on "The Key".

On a musical plane, "Paradox"'s atmospheric, technical, and dark occult death metal blueprint harnesses the energy of "The Key" and the overall death metal vibe of the early '90s in the same forward-thinking way that NOCTURNUSexhibited. Indeed, "Paradox" is true sci-fi death metal reclaiming its throne.

With Browning commanding the craft alongside guitarists Demian Heftel and Belial Koblak, bassist Daniel Tucker (ex-OBITUARY), and keyboardist Josh Holdren — a lineup that also forms Browning's other band, AFTER DEATH — the NOCTURNUS legacy marches on...

"Paradox" was produced by Jarrett Pritchard (GOATWHORE, 1349, GRUESOME, WOLVHAMMER) at New Constellation Studios and features artwork by Timbul Cahyono (PYREXIA, AVULSED, TERRORIZER). Boasting the blazing and fervent guitar work agilities of Heftel and Koblak and some of the most carefully-orchestrated keyboard sounds of any NOCTURNUS-related release to date, all punctuated by Browning's distinctly devouring vocal incantations, the classic sound of "The Key" is here wholly revived.