Nocturnal Rites ‎– In A Time Of Blood And Fire LP (black)


25° Anniversary Edition.
Vinyl remastered by Temple of Disharmony from original 1995 master

"In a Time of Blood and Fire" is significant not only in that it affirms a style that had been rejected for quite a while as old fashioned, but also in that it rejects the mediocrity that had become mainstream in metal. This is mostly present in the music itself, particularly the melodic style of the songs, and the character of Anders Zackrisson's voice. Although the actual philosophical rejection of the mediocrity of the lyrical content of the post-Metallica thrash would come later with the rise of the other significant Swedish power metal act Lost Horizon, this album aided in the healing process that would bring the spirit of the traditional metal pioneers of the late 70s and early 80s. In the interest of historical perspective, it is also important to note that bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray, and Blind Guardian never compromised their integrity and played a vital role in keeping the style alive and inspiring bands like Nocturnal Rites to join their ranks.