NIGHT FIGHTER - Unholy Sepulchre CD
Night Fighter

NIGHT FIGHTER - Unholy Sepulchre CD

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Scottish blackened speed metal project Night Fighter have delivered their debut album.

Quiet ambient sampling and spoken word starts the release off in creepy fashion. Fearsome riffs and storms of drums fire into a blitzkrieg onslaught of pure thrashing madness with anthemic quality and pure 80s Metal madness in abundance. Lunatic wailing vocals spread the devilish gospel over more ferocious riffing, pounding drums and thundering bass. There is a really chunky groove to the somewhat raw extremity that is memorable and perfectly suited to the howled vocals, delivering speeding carnage with no remorse. Melodic yet simple solos add a soulful and energetic lead attack to the ruthless rhythm sections in short spurts that accentuate that 80s feel even more. Bringing in a mixture of early Kreator and Sodom, Sarcofago and Vulcano then giving it the anthemic touches of Accept and Judas Priest with a blackened touch, truly magnificent.