NIFELHEIM - Envoy Of Lucifer CD

NIFELHEIM - Envoy Of Lucifer CD

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Their 4th album from 2007. Rare leftover stock available for a limited quantity & time. This is the US version originally released by Regain Records 2007.

Apart from being the constant core of Swedish black/thrash stalwarts Nifelheim, brothers Pelle and Erik Gustavsson, AKA Hellbutcher and Tyrant, are known as two of the world's biggest Iron Maiden fans. And while this influence has always been visible in their work, nowhere is it more apparent than on "Envoy Of Lucifer." There's still plenty of the raw barbarism that they've always had, but it's a bit more refined and ambitious here. There's more of an emphasis on guitar leads, and the solos are a bit more traditional, sounding a little more like Dave Murray and a little less like Quorthon. This move towards a more traditional metal-influenced sound works out in their favor, as it gives the songs a bit more catchiness and memorability. "Storm Of The Reaper" is easily one of Nifelheim's most memorable songs for these reasons. Based around a foreboding, chiming lead guitar riff, it also features one of Hellbutcher's best vocal performances on the album. The guitar tone is also a bit more atmospheric and less direct, filling out the sound nicely. Even the bass takes a more melodic role, unsurprising seeing how Tyrant has made no secret of his adoration for Steve Harris. For once the lyrics are actually somewhat discernible, although it's largely just black metal buzzwords like "Satan," "evil," and so on.

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