Necros Christos - Nine Graves LP (Black vinyl)


The name of German black/death metallers Necros Christos has grown to carry respected weight in the underground of recent years, especially since the release of their second LP "Doom of the Occult" in 2011, as recognition for their intelligent and eerie compositions which feed off the recent re-awakening of cavernous, unrepentant sensibilities in the genre. No doubt the trend (if I dare use such a word in this context) has been partly a reaction to the ever-increasing staleness of more commercially minded death metal but the pure artistic merit cannot be ignored - all sounds come and go with the passing of the winds but what sets NC apart is their slower tempos and frequent ethnic instrumental interludes which add a rich flavour to the heavily interwoven, cascading, riffs which form their bulk. Here on lengthy stopgap EP "Nine Graves" the band don’t just merely pick up the pieces from "Doom…" with a package which could comfortably count as a full release - 9 tracks and 40 minutes - they enhance their consistency to release a highly recommended release for fan of what is today’s ‘true’ death metal sound, even more so when one considers that some of these are rerecorded versions of older tracks.