Necrophobic - Under the Black Mark Gatefold-3-Picture-LP


We waited until it was in our hands...and now it is, and it is simply beautiful and perfect...A triple gatefold sleeve, with the 3 classic albums as picture-discs in quality sleeves, with lyrics sheets on high quality paper, in hot-foil printed silver sleeve... limited to 500 copies!

The three classic Necrophobic albums as Picture-LP’s in an expanded triple gatefold-LP sleeve, limited to 500 copies!

“The Nocturnal Silence” originally released on Black Mark Productions in 1993
“Darkside” originally released on Black Mark Productions in 1997
“The Third Antichrist” originally released on Black Mark Productions in 1999

Sales points:
All three albums are cult and classic Swedish Death/Black Metal albums
Beautifully crafted artwork enriched picture-LP’s
One time limited edition world wide of only 500 copies
Necrophobic is still an active and vital band, playing the stages worldwide

We do not need to talk much more, any fan of Swedish Death/Black Metal will need this! If they are fan of Dismember, Watain, Dissection, Marduk they will kill to get this one.

For fans of: Dismember, Watain, Dissection, Marduk