Necrophobic - The Third Antichrist -CD


Out of the firey depths of Hell came Necrophobic, a Swedish death metal band (more black metal now). With their third full-length album, they have done the devil proud. The Third Antichrist is a purely demonic effort put out by this outstanding group of musicians. Adding black metal to their previously death metal sound, Necrophobic does a terrific job at creating an image of horror, fire, and death.

After an intro that is a little lengthy for me, the album kicks off with a fury of blast beats and intense, authentic black metal guitars, "666 - We vomit on the crucifix!". With many riffs shooting out of Bergebäck and Ramstedt, the songs on this album never get boring. They are constructed beautifully, with appropriate speed variations scattered throughout to add to the atmosphere.

The guitars on this album compliment each other very well. While one is soloing or riffing like mad, the other is playing just the perfect notes to make the atmosphere perfect and evil. Countless riffs are played, in a very careful sequence, resulting in perfection. Not a single riff I heard in this album resembled any other, leaving you with a total sense of satisfaction. The guitars have a really thick, yet perfectly lucid tone that is not extremely common amongst black/death metal bands. The bass adds more thickness to the sound of the music. Although not completely audible at some points, it does however add an eerie, chilling, guttural sound to the songs. He Who Rideth In Rage is an exceptional example, where the bass is at the perfect level and adds just the right amount of atmosphere.

The vocals on this album are outstanding! Tobias does an amazing job with the lyrics, purely satanic and evil, as well as a great job with vocalizing them. They are not so guttural that you cannot understand a word he is saying, but are still vicious, destructive and evil. His vocals still sends eerie shivers down my spine. They are filled with pain and horror. It feels as if it were the devil himself, reincarnated, declaring his arrival and what will come next.

"Dreamlike shadows keep the light behind
Like clouds embracing the moon
The beauty of death enchanting my mind
As I'm nearing thy burning throne" - 'Demonic'

Drumming in many black metal projects is limited only to fast paced blast beats with little or no fills and variations. I am glad to let you all know that this is not the case with The Third Antichrist. The drums control the speed of the songs very well, adding in many fills throughout all of the songs. Yes, there are still many spots with the traditional blastbeats, going at a rather fast speed, but this is not a bad thing whatsoever. The drumming techniques used I cannot describe in full glory, so you must listen to see for yourself, but it is nothing less than spectacular. All of the instruments thrown together in such a perfect manner allowed for the creation of this juggernaut of an album.

The Third Antichrist stretches itself over the course of 44 minutes. A satisfactory length of album, from an exceptional band. It feels as if you just put the CD on and its over. With crystal clear production, you get consumed within the music and its all over way too fast. It leaves you begging for more and hoping that the next album you listen to will be even half as good as this.