NECROPHOBIC - Death To All Slipcased CD

NECROPHOBIC - Death To All Slipcased CD

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Ltd. edition CD Jewelcase in slipcase
Originally released in 2009
The macabre and extreme masterpiece and
a must have for every black and death metal maniac
with special Necrogram logo design
for collectors on slipcase spine.

Let me begin with some words I will not use in this review: mediocre and average, stale and corny, to name but a few. I will also not need terms like powerless, half-baked or lukewarm. The reason for that is simple. Necrophobic´s sixth full-length marks their masterpiece and a genre milestone as well. The enormous potential of the band has never been questioned. Additionally, the guys always proved their skill to compose fantastic individual tracks that were perfectly structured and executed. But "Death to All" takes the final step. It is a perfect album from the first to the last minute. "Storm of the Light´s Bane" was a groundbreaking full-length with a lot of highlights, but Necrophobic even surpasses this stylistically comparable masterpiece. The listener is summoned to drown in absolute blackness while being haunted by an army of vile and infamous ghosts. The guys from Sweden work mercilessly without losing their sense for unholy harmonies. At the same time, the fanatically acting band reaches the ultimate level of ferocity.

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