NECROPHILIAC - Chaopula. Citadel Of Mirrors LP (Pink/Purple/Red Splatter Vinyl)

NECROPHILIAC - Chaopula. Citadel Of Mirrors LP (Pink/Purple/Red Splatter Vinyl)

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Released on standard black vinyl, limited to 200 copies.
Recorded at Central Studios (Sevilla) on March 1992
Mixed in 10 hours by Alfonso, Miguel, Olin, Dave Rotten and Necrophiliac

Remastered for vinyl by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound in 2014

Necrophiliac is a strange, unrecognized band hailing from Spain. They originally were put together in 1988 and released five demos and a compilation before releasing their first debut album "Citadel of Mirrors". This album displays excellent workmanship in the areas of brutal death metal and also gore metal, and it almost seems to be a perfect formula for what both genres can dish out. Have no mistake though, there are plenty of similar bands that have the same kind of sound going on, but this band is "showing the pure backbone", like no other band out there. There are times in this album that are a little slow but that just adds on to the immense feeling of the evil riffs that are being expressed...But in a instant there will be riffs that will shred off the listener and pull away into a brutal barrage of abusive death metal.

This album proceeds with a very destructive guitar melody that ends with a clash, that invokes though of mystifying and assumption of what is next to come. Through the rest of the album it is a compilation of a menacing death/doom metal that many people have popularized and are well acknowledged for. As one of my most recommended songs on this album is Astral corpse in which it starts off with a death defying burial procession that will knock you down and then throw you back to your feet once again!

If your ready for a good dosage of death metal you will most undoubtedly love this album.