NECROMANTIA - To The Depths We Descend... LP (Transparent Orange Vinyl)
NECROMANTIA - To The Depths We Descend... LP (Transparent Orange Vinyl)

NECROMANTIA - To The Depths We Descend... LP (Transparent Orange Vinyl)

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3rd pressing - Transparent Orange Vinyl.

Gatefold sleeve with liner notes from the Magus, Fabruary 2021 and lyrics.
8-page booklet with artwork from past releases colored.
A3-poster with Baron Blood.

Necromantia have recorded eight tracks from which two are re-recorded from the 1993 debut album Crossing The Fiery Path. These tracks are 'Lord Of The Abyss' and 'The Warlock'. All tracks are lovely arranged and very melodic as we were always used from the band. Though the black metal influences are clearly in the foreground of the compositions, you can often find classic heavy metal riffs and even some real classical music arrangements in the songs, too. The band creates a very dense atmosphere through the mid- or fast-paced riffs and the quite impulsive basslines. Often, they create a very majestic atmosphere through the epic drums and the echoing guitars which are combined with real bombastic keyboard sounds. Even if they only use keyboards and bass, like in 'Give The Devil His Due' they create a somehow oppressive mood in the song. Each track has its own character, so you always find new facets in their music and every listen brings you more into their farewell album. When there are pure keyboard passages, Necromantia create an atmosphere like in old horror movies which create a creepy, gloomy mood I would say. You always fear that something evil is going to happen very soon.