Necromantia ‎- Nekromanteion - A Collection Of Arcane Hexes 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Compilation collecting almost all material that did not appear on the official albums, i.e. demos, promos, splits, compilations, early works, covers etc.

Black vinyl edition limited to 400 copies. Housed in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves adorned with artwork and lyrics from the band's history.

Tracks A1 to B1: Promo Tape 1990 [1990]
Tracks B2 to B5: The Black Arts / The Everlasting Sins (split with Varathron) [1992]
Tracks C1 to C5: Visions Of Lunacy [1989]
Track C6: Scarlet Evil Witching Black session [1995]
Tracks D1 to D5: Covering Evil (12 Years Doing The Devil's Work) [2001]