Necrodeath / Schizo - Mondocane Project One Digi-CD


Wow! Here we have Project One by Mondocane!

This band is formed by members of both the most representative bands in Italy in that period.

Of course, extreme metal bands, Necrodeath and Schizo.
Both these bands that are very famous in the underground and not only, decided to join their music for another project, that remained unfortunately (or not) just a single one.

Maybe, being just one project is considered like a “cult” and surely it’s more spontaneous and sincere.

We are in 1989 and both these bands have released their first albums, Into The Macabre (1987) for Necrodeath and Main Frame Collapse (1988) for Schizo. This release features almost all the members of the bands involved in more songs of the album, which is still regarded as a cult in this genre, especially in Italy.
From the point of view of the music here done, it can be considered as a schizophrenic mix of hardcore, thrash metal and proto grindcore.

With the terms grindcore and hardcore I mean the old ones, those of the ‘80s, so well done by early Napalm Death (but here is less noisy) and D.R.I, just to have an idea.

And with this, we can find massive thrash metal influences, along with death metal riffs with a great impact.

Already from what I said you should understand the great innovation operated by this band.

Necrodeath and Schizo were already innovators, the first ones for their great thrash/black and the second ones for their violent thrash mixed with grind influences.
This is a piece of underground, of history, especially in Italy.

This album was very hard to find, but it is extremely good…it's made of sweat, passion and true fucking sincere music. Take it, if you can find it!!!

100% for the historical importance and sincerity.
90% for the music.

Recorded at L.C. Studios, CT. Mixed at Sea Hags Studio.

Remastered at Toxic Basement Studio, Milano Italy - June 2013.

Originally released in 1989 in LP format as a collaboration between Schizo & Necrodeath.
Digipak version released in 2013

This is not a split album but a project which features members of both bands.