Necrodeath - Defragments Of Insanity LP (Marbled vinyl)


Re-recorded classic Thrash Metal album, and it is done really well I say !!!

If you love old school Thrash you need this ! Think: Dead Head, Merciless, Sadus.

The Italians always loved to recycle their own material and both their debut and "Fragments of Insanity" have been kept alive by many alternative versions of classics on the albums that have been released since the reunion of the formation.

Now the band has taken the next step in terms of recycling: welcome to the complete re-recording of "Fragments of Insanity".

Originally released in 1989, the album mirrored the move from an almost heavy-handed black horror metal combo to a serious trash formation. Nevertheless, the band did not lose its two main features on the way from the dark domain to the territory of thrash: There is still a threatening atmosphere and it would be foolish to expect any form of clemency. Of course, the expressive and passionate vocals of Flegias, who was no part of the line-up back in 1989, emphasize these features and give the re-recording a new element.

Especially the guitar sound is overwhelming. Many newcomers will lower their heads ashamedly when they lend an ear to this manifesto of thrashing evil. 

From my point of view, the formation has treated its early outburst with dignity. The re-recording is a typical Necrodeath work and the spirit, the attitude and the mentality of the dudes shimmer through every note. I really like the fact that they deny to get old; "Defragments of Insanity" takes the listener on a wild, violent and merciless ride and the minimal change of the album's title indicates the degree of changes concerning the musical content. All new versions lie in close proximity to the original songs.