NECRODEATH - Black As Pitch LP (Black Vinyl)

NECRODEATH - Black As Pitch LP (Black Vinyl)

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The discography of Necrodeath has its ups and downs. But fortunately, there are definitely more highlights than lackluster publications. From my point of view, "Black as Pitch" belongs to the best albums of the Italians. Even when compared with its outstanding predecessor, the here presented output did not disappoint. Probably due to the fact that the band had a stable line-up, Necrodeath appeared as a well-oiled machine. Every cog intermeshed almost perfectly with the next one.

To start with the sound, it had the effect of an instant cure for headaches. It cleared your head in a matter of seconds while blowing all the daily bullshit out of it. The guitars delivered the maximum degree of power and vehemence, but Flegias also was well audible. He screamed like a tortured animal. Speaking of animals, drummer Peso seemed to be an octopus. I really wonder how he managed the drum performance with only two arms. In any case, he worked like a berserk with an overdose of power so that he could actually cancel his contract with the local fitness studio. Joking apart, the stormy mix matched with the compositions in a very good manner, because it emphasized their violent underlying sentiment.

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