Necro Schizma - Erupted Evil 2-CD


Disc #1 Demo + rehearsal, disc #2 Live 1990

Necro Schizma is one of those obscure, early Dutch death metal bands that never got the attention they earned. Musically, Necro Schizma plays mega slow creeping dark doom metal with growled vocals. This style of doom metal will absolutely not appeal to everyone, because it is so rough and simplistic. However, I find this ultra-heavy and abysmal brand of doom very pleasing. The vocals are more talked than yelled; a distinct, growly guttural voice with occasional more barked out sections. 

On to the material. The demo opens with this intro; "Doom of the Necroslaughter", which is magnificent and ultra-primitive and simple, though a bit overlong. Then the tracks follow the same formula, primitive and haunting riffs, very slow drums that fit the music perfectly, reminding a bit of Hellhammer, it’s obvious that they are a very big influence for them, as seen in the cover of "Triumph of Death". This demo is an early example of very good, crawling, extreme death/doom.

A great band that deserves more praise within the genre. Alongside country mates Delirium and Sempiternal Deathreign, they are the true masters of Dutch death/doom.