NATTEFROST - Blood & Vomit LP (Black Vinyl)

NATTEFROST - Blood & Vomit LP (Black Vinyl)

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Reissue - Limited to 500 Black Vinyl - Revised Artwork with Lyric Inlay.

Nattefrost has always been a controversial musician. He always shocked many people while he was in Carpathian Forest and now he’s back with his first soloing album. Let’s tell the truth: he shocked a lot of people that were not into metal because to me he’s mostly “image” than other things…he is like a funny poser for black metal but he doesn’t get on my nerves like the other, real posers.

With this project he decided to free all the primordial influences that maybe he couldn’t express with his main band; so prepared to be annihilated by high dosage of raw, primordial, Hellhammerish black/punk/thrash metal. Tell me what you want but I like this album. It has some of the narrowest minded sounds I’ve ever heard with that omnipresent black humour and will to exaggerate, lyrically and musically.

If you like truly narrow minded music, full of sex and Satanic lyrics, get this album now. It’s voluntary exaggerated and for those who don’t understand the burden of black humour of an album like this I can only say: “Try it and make up your mind”. For the other ones, enjoy some old school stuff.

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