Nasum - Inhale/Exhale -LP


Nasum's full-length debut is quite possibly one of the most adrenaline pumping, head smashing records in all of grindcore. With a heavy, bassy production and manic riffs Inhale/Exhale rockets above many other grindcore releases at this time in terms of extremity, but also unlike most other grindcore bands (or extreme metal bands in general) Mieszko and Anders take care to throw in as many groovy, catchy riffs and impressive, wild fills as they can to supplement the whirlwinds of tremolo guitars and blast beats. The end result is a perfect blend of groove and grind that makes this album a joy to listen to.

First and foremost is the amazing production on this album. The perfect amount of distortion on the guitars and bass gives them this amazing "buzzsaw" tone, and in addition, the bass and guitars are almost smashed together to form one amazingly heavy, violent sound. The only thing I can compare it to is the guitar sound on Entombed's "Left Hand Path" (another amazing album). The drums have a very raw sound, with little production effect and no triggers, giving them an amazingly authentic sound and making the fills all the more pleasing to the ear. And last but most certainly not least are the outstanding vocals provided by Anders and Mieszko. A perfect combination of high pitched, throat-shredding screams and low pitched, blood-curling growls that are surprisingly well enunciated, making this an amazing album to sing (or scream) along to.

Now lets get into the actual content of the record. The album starts out strong with the track "This is...." which is a straightforward, short, blast beat ridden grind track that clocks in at under 30 seconds, and is followed up by the track that made me fall in love with this album "The Masked Face", which starts off with some more blasting grind, but about 40 seconds in all the instruments melt away to a lone guitar playing an incredibly groove riff, and after a few seconds, the rest of the instruments join in and play a slower-paced (for Nasum anyway) groove riff that is unbelievably catchy and impossible to not headbang to. The rest of the album is kind of like this, a mix of catchy groove riffs, grindcore chaos and speedy, mosh-friendly riffs so good you'll wish there was a mosh pit in your living room. Every groove riff is catchy and will defiantly get stuck in your head at some point, and the wild drumming of Anders Jakobson only helps to accentuate the brilliant guitar work of Mieszko Talarczyk.

In conclusion, this is an amazing, truly brilliant take on one of metals most aggressive and unforgiving subgenres. If you have any love for grind, check this out, I promise you won't regret it!