Nasum - Human 2.0 -LP


In comes Nasum, ready for another shot at another great CD, to the follow up of their 38-tracked masterpiece "Inhale-Exhale". Over a 2 year period to make the actually album, the sound of Nasum took quite a large jump, or atleast in this album. The absolute raw and powerful sound will annihilate your speakers with such a beautiful, crisp, explosion like feeling of grindcore, you will not forget it. "Human 2.0" pushes Nasum to a much more brutal sound out of all of their major album releases (4 to be exact). None of the other albums can compare to this sound of such ignited carnage. If raw sounding grindcore is what pleases you, Nasum's "Human 2.0" is the one to latch onto.

Like drummer of Nasum, Anders Jakobson, stated on his website, this album was the last one he would sing on, since he didn't like the progress of his vocals. The way these absolutely lethal vocals are displayed, is by both co-oping their vocals to lower and higher switches, it's pure brilliance. Blending together growling, and screaming, is what grindcore deserves, and that's exactly what you get in this album. The lyrics, and overall names of the song titles were supposed to represent the whole "Y2K" nightmare, since it was changing to year 2000 during the making of this album (such as "Defragmentation"), but once again, most of the lyrics march side by side with the rest of the Nasum songs, political and in your face.

A lot of songs in "grindcore" can get repetitive and losing interest in them is a common thing, but with Nasum, there is a whole different factor. Each song is well composed by the band, and keeps the aggression that is produced by this album on fire with blistering riffs, and groovish drumming, until it literally burns to a crisp. Some epics on this 25-tracked destructive force of an album, that cannot be missed by any grindcore loving fiend, are, "Mass Hypnosis", "Shadows" (probably one of Nasum's most popular songs), "Corrosion", "Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow" (41 seconds of pure warfare, easily the best on this album), "The Black Swarm", "Sixteen", "Alarm", "We're Nothing But Pawns", and "Riot". An absolute classic album from the reigning champs of everything that is grindcore, you cannot miss "Human 2.0" for the life of you.