Nasty Savage - Indulgence LP (Clear/Purple vinyl)


Marbled clear purple vinyl. Numbered (strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide!). Original artwork with lyric/photo insert and large poster!

Nasty Savage's "Indulgence" is one of the divine albums which embody the fascinating liveliness and the wealth of the early thrash metal scene. The pioneering spirit, the will to explore new dimensions, the courage to create something different - "Indulgence" offers these elements in abundance. Apart from this excellent feature, the full-length shows that the band members had already achieved a more than solid degree of musicianship. Probably due to this fact, Nasty Savage did not head for the most extreme approach. They had a more clever idea. The band just wanted to form a unique product and it was successful. Already the cover seeks its equal. Instead of trying to shock with a bloodthirsty image, the band chose a surrealistic, atmospheric artwork. But this was just the first sign of the band's independence.