Napalm Death - Order Of The Leech CD


Napalm Death is Grindcore that actually functions as music instead of mindless noise. The guitars have an incredible sound that is clear and manages to stay in some sort of order so that the listener does not get totally lost in the process. The riffs are brutal and manage to convey the harsh feeling of the music without losing all semblance of order in the process. The drums actually have different rhythms and are turned DOWN in the mixing process so they don't sound like a group of terrorists burst into the fucking recording studion and gunned down the entire band. The beat is followable and clear--you can actually THRASH and HEADBANG to this music instead of spending your time wondering what the fuck is goCDing on. The bass is actually AUDIBLE in the production, so there is, in fact, a solid bass line underneath all this brutality, and it really enhances the sound as opposed to the "shadow" basses that completely mirror and get lost in the bass drum. Finally, the vocalist has a brutal and harsh death/grind voice that goes perfectly with the music and doen't sound like random ass gurgles (Cock & Ball Torture) or something inanely stupid like that.