Nails ‎- Abandon All Life LP (Black vinyl)


One couldn’t quite be justified in calling Nails an impatient lot; while this record clocks out after a breathless seventeen minutes, not a single one of them spent idling about. A perfect balance is here struck between the sort of shrieking, close-to-the-brink manic energy of the aforementioned likes of Narcosis (‘Tyrant’, ‘No Surrender’), and an immense capacity for variety in the songcraft. That it's quite so head-crushingly heavy (‘Wide Open Wound’, ‘Summ Ciqiue’) and can shift pace and speed on a dime helps too. This is the kind of record that sounds so utterly brobdinagian it could push a building over, and those who, like your humble scribe, have spent their lives seeking the crunchiest of guitar tones need look no further than the practically crackling one found on ‘Abandon All Life’.