Mystifier - The Worls Is So Good... Gatefold-LP (Blue/black/white splatter vinyl)


180 grams limited to 400 copies!

Black death Metal of morbidest occult!

Although this obscure 1996 cut from Mystifier’s back catalogue deserves this re-release it is also an important piece of Black Metal history in dire need of unearthing and wider dissemination. 3 years in the making after “Göetia” this was an ambitious album that drew away from Mystifier’s primitive roots by mirroring and even furthering a lot of what was going on in European Black Metal at the time, and was lightyears ahead of any of their South American peers. For the most part the playing is still raw and riddled with imperfections, but compared with the stifling and primitive school of blasphemy where they had their genesis this is incredibly layered and atmospheric stuff with more in common with the Hellenic and Central European, and occasionally English, styles of Black Metal.

This album demonstrates tasteful and measured musical progression from the band, and their courage and self confidence to present it to die-hard fans who may not initially, or ever, embrace it with open arms. For “Wicca” and “Goetia” will always remain the epitome of their output, but this album is also killer and should not be ignored by any account. “The World Is So Good” will be appreciated by fans whose musical comfort zone extends beyond the usual sounds of Blasphemy, Sarcofago, and Beherit.

This is unique and exciting black death Metal of a clearly South American style, with brutally gutteral thrashings combining with eerie and magical doom passages. The vocalist on this album is just totally off-the-wall and crazy here, with styles all over the map. He even does this brilliant operatic wailing that just sounds so spine-chillingly eerie that we fear what will happen to us if I ever listen to this album while  smoking the devil’s rings.

For fans of: Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Beherit, Necromantia, Mortuary Drape, old Cradle of Filth