Myrkur ‎– Myrkur -LP


From the very beginning Myrkur has been a quite controversial music project. I remember when I discovered Myrkur’s first song “Nattens Barn” on YouTube. I thought that the song was great and quite refreshing. Therefore I started to follow the band through this website and other social networks. I was a little bit surprised with all the hate and suspicious theories around this project. I believed (and I still do), that it was part of the marketing strategy created by Relapse Records, just to create hype around Myrkur. It’s quite obvious that those slogans in the vein of “the future of black metal” and “a project discovered in the woods of Denmark” don’t help to take the band seriously. But it’s funny to see how so many people spent so much time trying to demonstrate that Myrkur was a fake, and even doubting the existence of a real person behind the project. It’s not the first occasion that a label or even the band itself tries to create some expectations presenting themselves as the saviors of the genre. Finally, some (not all) of the doubts disappeared when it was revealed that the creative mind behind it was a Danish women called Amalie Bruun, who is known for being a pop singer.

Though the controversy continues I think that it is more important to focus on what it should really count, the music itself. Myrkur´s first EP was an interesting blend of styles, combining a little bit of black metal with post rock, shoegaze, ambient music and folk, always with quite short songs for a black metal standard. “M” continues developing the style created on the first EP and it has the same characteristics. The songs continue to be quite short, which in my opinion doesn’t help to develop a more natural combination of so many different styles. Anyway, the music itself is quite interesting and the already mentioned combination of styles gives the chance of enjoying quite varied tracks. Through the album there is a permanent sense of expectation because the songs are quite different from each other. Anyway, we can distinguish three main types of songs that Myrkur offers to us. Firstly, we have the songs which are more “blackish”. Those tracks follow the pattern created by “Nattens barn”, being “Hævnen” (with a great medieval influenced guitar riff) or “Skaði”, perfect examples and a logic continuation of the first single. Other tracks like “Mordet” are even heavier, but they have the same problem like other compositions of Amalie, they are quite short and the combination of styles doesn’t sound so natural because some parts are abruptly ended to begin with another one. I think that Amanda should focus on her songwriting to improve this aspect and let their songs breathe and flow more naturally. A second group of songs are the ones with clear post rock/shoegaze influences, like the single “Onde born” and “Jeg er guden, I er tjene” for example, which I think are great too. There is a general agreement that she has a great voice and that she sounds much better using her beautiful melodic voice, than those distorted screams. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of those screams, but if she wants to add more she should think seriously about hiring a female screamer or at least a singer as a collaboration, there some good ones out there. In the third group of songs there are those acoustic ones where Amanda shows all her musical strengths, like “Volvens spådom”. In those piano oriented folk songs her beautiful voice plays a main role, like a shining star which rises from the dark abyss, they are brilliant.

As a conclusion, all I can say about this album is that I like it. Even with its mistakes and that there is still a great room for an evolution and improvement, “M” is a quite good and refreshing debut album. The music itself is quite interesting and varied and it has a distinctive touch, which is something essential for me. And what is more important, it contains some great tunes that I can’t stop listening to like “Haevnen”, “Dybt I skogen” or “Volvens spådom”.