My Dying Bride - Turn Loose the swans 2-LP


I honestly cannot praise this album enough to me it is literally one of the few perfect albums I have ever heard. This album opened up a whole genre of metal to me that before I had little interest in, after I heard this album I had to go check out other death doom albums and found so much to love, but this album will always be one of my favorites. This album brings out so many feelings and emotions I have never felt before while listening to music, there is just so much emotion in this album. My opinion might be a little biased, and it might seem like an exaggeration, but to me this album has a lot of personal importance, this for a while was my go to album, I've listened to it countless times, and it still seems fresh to me every spin. Despite all the praise I've given this album it is actually not my favorite My Dying Bride album! Yes in my opinion they release one more album which is just slightly, but only slightly better in my opinion and that would be The Angel and the Dark River, but to me both albums are flawless masterpieces. I give this album the highest recommendation possible.