My Dying Bride - The Light At The End Of The World Digi-CD


My Dying Bride have returned to their old style of doom/gothic metal with Light At The End of The World but with a much different sound incorporating many influences they have attained in their musical journey. Back FINALLY are the growled/shrieked vocals as well as the melodic croons which have always been a trademark. They had experimented with clean vocals and to various points of accessibility but am glad they realized it was time to return to their heavier side. One regret is the departure of the violin which has been a trademark of My Dying Bride for sometime. The keyboards provide plenty of excellent atmosphere but really falls a bit short of what violin can accomplish. The guitars are easily one of their best performances. Recalling the outstanding Turn Loose The Swans melodies, the aggression of Like Gods of The Sun without straying too much from what makes MDB! DOOM!