MY DYING BRIDE - The Angel And The Dark River Digifile CD
My Dying Bride

MY DYING BRIDE - The Angel And The Dark River Digifile CD

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When ‘The Angel and the Dark River’ was released in 1995 it became immediately emblematic of the shifting tides of gothic doom metal. Released in the same year as Paradise Lost’s ‘Draconian Times’ and Anathema’s ‘The Silent Enigma’, the culture of sound expansion from the turgid gruffness of death doom into a brighter emotive palate carried a mystique and romanticism that was thoroughly entrancing, then as it is now.

In many ways it’s difficult to believe that ‘The Angel and the Dark River’ is My Dying Bride’s third full-length album. The evolution from ‘As the Flower Withers’ was a rapid one by today’s standards – this only came out three years after their debut. Gone were the growled vocals, gone were the frenetic death injections. There was a new glow inherent in this work; a new sense of longing and a new flavour of passion.

Perhaps indicative of this change is the cover artwork. The mostly white image, with the woman in the centre, projects an entirely different atmosphere to the Dave McKean art of the debut or the obscure wax-on-statue display that adorns ‘Turn Loose the Swans’. The simpler, whiter, and more elegant image presented on ‘The Angel…’ suggests a different aesthetic direction - a simpler and less convoluted image for an album of cleaner musical lines.

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