MY DYING BRIDE - Like Gods Of The Sun CD
My Dying Bride

MY DYING BRIDE - Like Gods Of The Sun CD

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Like Gods of the Sun is, without the shadow of a doubt, My Dying Bride's most underrated album, and that is despite the fact that members of the band themselves have named the album as one of their favorites on several occasions. It certainly is one of their most untypical albums, in that it is much more 'Gothic' than any other of their efforts. I would even go as far as to say that, if asked what this whole 90s Goth Metal thing was all about, I would name this album alongside Paradise Lost's Draconian Time and perhaps Type O Negative's October Rust or Bloody Kisses to get the point across.

Apart from its masterly crafted songwriting and its ridiculously intense atmosphere, it is, above anything else, its high production values that sets Like Gods of the Sun apart from any other MDB album: Never before and never since the guitars sounded so heavy, the drums so crisp and the bass so thick on any MDB album. A true masterpiece of Mid-Nineties, post-DM, Gothic doom metal!

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