My Dying Bride - I Am The Bloody Earth LP (Black vinyl)


I Am the Bloody Earth is the third EP by My Dying Bride and was released in January 1994, only three months after the bands classic Turn Loose the Swans album. This was a golden period for the Brits and I for one was chomping at the bit for anything the band wanted to send my way. The first two EPs, Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium and The Thrash of Naked Limbs, both contained three original tracks that were firstly, not available anywhere else, and secondly, of a very high quality.  The same cannot be said for I Am the Bloody Earth, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing of value here. On the positive side, the title track is fantastic! With its heavy riffs, dark atmosphere and beautifully integrated violin, it certainly wouldn’t have seemed out of place on Turn Loose the Swans. While I can’t confirm it anywhere on the net, I can only imagine I Am the Bloody Earth was recorded in the same sessions as the album, as the tone and techniques are really very similar. The raspy guest vocals by Ghost (from industrial label mates Global Genocide Forget Heaven) work really well, particularly when combined with Aaron’s deep growls. In short, this is classic My Dying Bride!