My Dying Bride - Hollow Cathedra 7" EP


I'm left speechless at the raw emotions this song evokes. This is not metal in the traditional sense. This is not "Bang Your Head Against the Wall and Do the Toxic Waltz"-metal (although I love that kind of metal, too). If I have to compare it to previous My Dying Bride songs, I'd say that it strays closest to slow, melancholy songs like "Sear Me III" or "My Faults are Your Reward" - but not quite. 

This is the metal of the meadows, of the dreary moorlands, of the crumbling ruins of a lonely chapel, the metal of, indeed, a moonlit night - and yet, this is also the band that can go all raw and ugly and hateful, which I hope to also hear from them on the upcoming album. I love most, if not all, aspects of My Dying Bride, but this is another stylistic sidetrek and in this case, I totally love what I'm hearing, despite the production. It's ethereal and it's magical, dismal and soaring at the same time.