My Dying Bride - Feel The Misery 2-LP (Black vinyl)


My Dying Bride are a band that are difficult to understand and Feel the Misery is no exception. It takes quite some time before all of the pieces come together, whether that be the awkwardness of the song structures, the slowness of the music, or merely Stainthorpe’s idiosyncratic manner of using his voice. However, I feel that this is one of the most joyous examples of the band exploring the limits of their sound without overstepping the boundaries and - in the same way as Cradle of Filth’s excellent Hammer of the Witches - proves that the early ‘90s British upstarts still have a lot to offer. There are some exquisite songs on here, not least the hulking ‘Within a Sleeping Forest’ and gripping slow-motion of ‘I Celebrate Your Skin’: I don’t know about just feeling the misery, because there’s so much to experience here.