Mütiilation - Remains Of A Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul CD


Despair. Hate. Rage. Depression. All these emotions reach their peak in this release; accomplished through amazing understanding of how to use music to capture said emotions. The Romantics of yesteryear would be proud.

High end brash distorted guitars dominate and set the tone; literally bringing to life the most anguished depths of human feelings. Even those with little or no imagination, or sense of aesthetics, will instantly recognize what exactly is being stated here; the music is that direct and pronounced, and the guitar work cannot be understated here. It's execution of dark, depressive melody provokes the listener's deepest sorrows and brings them to the front of consciousness.

Vocals add another texture of tone; feeding off of, and adding to, the tortured anguish of this masterpiece. Whatever mood the guitar sets, the vocals take that cue and force the emotional extremes to the limit.

The drums are brutalized; what the drummer lacks in skill he makes up for in force; beating the life out of them when needed. Drumming here is not all about annihilation though, as the more depressive moods are backed with subtle, heartbeat-like beats.

The production is awful, and thankfully so. The non-production allows the air to be filled with the desperate, or hate filled, emotions; the guitar crackles with energy that would be suffocated in a more produced recording. Vocals are able to distort more so as well; fitting for the aesthetic achieved here.

My music collection may be dwarfed in comparison to other metal lovers, but this is one of the best black metal albums I have ever heard.