Mumakil ‎– Flies Will Starve -CD


"Flies Will Starve" sounds like a vile rampage of death. Mumakil is no stranger to the world of grindcore or how it operates; the band has built quite the following on playing an abrasive, sadistic style of grind which Mumakil has apparently dubbed "blastcore." Obviously a genre-tag like that has nothing to do with blast beats or gravity blasts or any blast-related technique that would otherwise be found in a grindcore release. Nah I'm joking, they're everywhere. The Mumakil tribe delivers twenty-four skull-shattering pieces of grotesque violence throughout this thirty-six minute onslaught, and this is pretty much a staple example of a grindcore group that knows what it's doing. No gimmicks or tomfoolery; just unrelenting punishment. Did I mention this has blast beats?