Mumakil ‎– Behold The Failure -CD


How far you boys have come in just four years. Mumakil's debut full-length was a sadly mediocre deal, full of speed and rage, but lacking anything else. The band's second crack at a full-length, though, is a breakthrough.

Behold The Failure maintains the furious disposition the band had on Customized Warfare, but now has the good sense to attach it to some cohesive song structures, throwing in rhythm and tempo changes throughout most of the tracks. Also very welcome this time are vocals that can be understood easier and actual lyrics to the songs included.

Punk groove and breakdowns are more plentiful this time around and are used just enough to keep the songs memorable instead of letting them all meld together into one blur that leaves you wondering if what you just heard was a band playing or someone starting up a lawnmower. It doesn't let itself become boring and predictable. The opening, "Brothers In Slavery", is a great example of how the band has solved their previous problem of just playing a blur of riffs and beats until they felt they had enough to call an album, using a start-stop kind of playing that reminds me of early Cryptopsy and how they used to hang on the very edge of cacophony.

This is just about everything I'd ever want from grindcore. It's loud, fast, and mean, but it's also put together well enough to change itself up instead of letting its chaos turn mundane.