Mortuary Drape - Spiritual Independence CD


Limited Edition slipcase CD.

One of the Drape’s most remarkable traits, their ability to seamlessly transition between filthy heaviness and eerie tranquility, has somehow been taken up a notch. Tracks like “Once I Read (Marble Tomb)” and “Mortal Remains (Your Bones)” display limitless skill and taste in equal measure. The blazing solos and tremolo-picked riffs are infectiously memorable, while the classical, clean guitar lines add a balanced sophistication. They are the blood-red wine next to a choice cut of medium-rare meat. The level of tasteful musicianship displayed on Independence is astounding.

Due to the level of technicality and a tempo that favors the red line, it makes sense to compare Independence to sophomore album Secret Sudaria. But to ignore its ties to the rest of their discography and the progression the band has made would be doing them a disservice.

Spiritual Independence finds Mortuary Drape at the peak of their power. The purple-clad heretics have re-established themselves as agents of immutable darkness. Rather than create an album to simply satisfy fans, they have unearthed a new relic of reverence. One that deserves its place at the altar of the black mass.