MORTIIS - The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost LP (Black Vinyl)

MORTIIS - The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost LP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited to 650 copies:
- 450 on black vinyl (this item)
- 200 on red vinyl.

Re-interpreted original demo artwork by David Thierree.

This album is a gem. Never thought I would be much of a fan of lofi medieval dungeon synth, but this transcends any and all boundaries of musical preference. This album is utterly touching, and is basically everything that an ambient metal project should be. Just the title and cassette cover art is enough to make one shiver, but when combined with the music contained within, it becomes a psychonautic experience to the depths of one's mind and soul. A very unique and cool listen.

The album itself consists of one track lasting for about an hour, and is dominated by slowly evolving main synth riff, with what sounds like a backing synth track, as well as a slow, thumping drum to compliment the eerie synths. The production is very lofi, and almost sounds like it took direct inspiration from old school video game themes, very resemblant of the 8-bit, yet epic high fantasy theme of the original Legend of Zelda and other fantasy games from that era. The final product of all of these factors really captures that forgotten, dark medieval feel, what with the lofi production and eerie synth tone, while still maintaining extremely fantastic/epic fantasy atmosphere, which I think Mortiis was aiming for with this demo. All of the pieces of this puzzle fit perfectly together to create an extremely haunting and introspective piece of music.

Unlike much of the late 80's/early 90's Scandanavian metal scene, there is nothing abrasive about this album. No overdriven auditory assault from various electronic instruments recorded in utility closets, no Satanism or nazism, no ridiculous howling from edgy vocalists, just the slow march of this enchanting dungeon synth masterpiece, accompanied by the exploration of the catacombs of the listener's mind. This album is certainly a journey, and really an essential listen for anyone looking to escape the ordinary aspects of life and find something more touching.

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