MORTIIS - Anden Som Gjorde Oppror LP (Oxblood Vinyl)
MORTIIS - Anden Som Gjorde Oppror LP (Oxblood Vinyl)

MORTIIS - Anden Som Gjorde Oppror LP (Oxblood Vinyl)

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Limited to 450 copies on sacrificial blood vinyl. This edition includes an A2 poster.

So far in Mortiis's dungeon synth saga, we've seen Håvard take on the darker sides of the medieval world from the depressing, lonely emotions in "The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost" to the more explorative thoughts in "Født til å herske". Starting with "Ånden som gjorde opprør", however, we start to see Mortiis enter into a more melodic and angelic tone in his albums. The album's title is literally translated to "The Spirit that Rebelled", and it's a fitting name since it goes against the dark atmosphere of the previous releases. While "Ånden som gjorde opprør" is slightly inferior to the previous album, it's still an amazing album.

The album contains two songs titled "En mørk horisont" and "Visjoner av en eldgammel fremtid", with the former being 3 minutes longer. The album is also considerably shorter, clocking in at almost 40 minutes in total compared to almost a hour with the previous works. Despite this, the atmosphere is still just as powerful. The synths are at an even higher quality, with the instruments having more clarity and dynamic in them. The melodies are also more upbeat and bouncy, giving the listeners a more positive look on the songs. Of course, there are still some darker tones in the album, like the more somber riff that plays around the 7 minute mark in the first song. However, the different tones in the album are mixed well, as they make the overall atmosphere feel tense, yet light.

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