MORTA SKULD - Dying Remains CD
Morta Skuld

MORTA SKULD - Dying Remains CD

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Though not a particularly well-known purveyor of classic death metal, Morta Skuld are easily one of the most powerful bands on the scene, as evidenced by the band's 1993 masterpiece, "Dying Remains". This record draws upon the Obituary school of death metal...that is, focused largely on slow or mid-tempo riffs over speed and blast beats, as well as containing (be it accidental or intentional) a very dark and grim atmosphere, conjuring up images of graveyards and tombstones and other shit. Having said that, after listening to this record, it's clear that Morta Skuld have managed to create their own unique style. Unlike the vast majority of bands (good and bad), Morta Skuld play a familiar style of music while managing to avoid writing riffs that play too deeply into any other band's signature style.

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