Morta Skuld - As Humanity Fades CD


What is it that can make death metal catchy? I'm not really sure, but I can tell you As Humanity Fades is exactly that. Catchy death. That's an almost-contradiction in terms. But not really, once you hear the material.

First of all, the production on Morta Skuld's sophomore effort is ultra-pure. I'm not hearing a lot of processing at all. Everything is just given its proper space, recorded very loudly, and put out right where it should be. The performances are perfectly executed, from the drudging guitar lines, to Dave Gregor's pit-bull barking vocal lines. Skuld's philosophy is no-frills. Give the audience everything in its pure, full-throttle form. Don't hide anything. Execute it all precisely. I wouldn't call As Humanity Fades "technical," but I would call it very exacting in its performance. I get the sense that Morta Skuld went into the studio extremely well-prepared, and it shows. There is a mastery of the material on display here.